Whole Birth Package

New Clients $1800 (payment plans available)

Return Clients (Congratulations!) Sliding Scale: Previous Fee - $1800 (payment plans still available)

My services include:

  • Up to three prenatal home visits
  • Assistance with birth plans and birth options
  • Exercises to promote optimal fetal positioning
  • Attendance at your birth and 1 to 2 hours postpartum
  • A home visit after the birth
  • Phone, email and text message contact during pregnancy and after the birth
  • Assistance with exercises and positions to turn baby head down should your baby turn breech
  • Lactation Support (within my scope of practice)

Looking for a last minute doula? If I don't have availability I can provide referrals. If you are, or might be, in labor or know you will be scheduled for induction within 72 hours, please call or text 510-637-8434, don't email.

The Process
Feel free to call to schedule an interview. As I only take 1-2 clients each month, I would recommend that you call as soon as you feel you'd like to meet, to assure availability. That said, if you are late in your pregnancy as you read this I sometimes do have last minute openings if several clients birth before their due dates. I am also happy to provide referrals for doulas I know who have openings.

Once we’ve interviewed and feel we’d like to move forward in working together, I will provide you with a contract. Payment is due at that time (payment arrangements can be made if necessary).

We will schedule our first prenatal visit approximately two months before your due date. The second visit will follow about one month before your due date. Each visit is about an hour long.

I will be on call to attend your birth from your 37th week of pregnancy until you give birth. I join you in labor, at your house or at your birth center or hospital, depending on circumstances and stay with you until you are stable and comfortable and ready for me to leave. The average amount of time I spend with a first time mother in labor is 18 hours.

After the birth I am still available by phone, text or email anytime if you have breastfeeding or other questions or need referrals. Three day to two weeks after the birth (it’s up to you) I will come to your house for a postpartum follow-up visit. This meeting is to close out our cycle, process your birth, if you desire, check-in on breastfeeding (within my scope of practice).

 I am prepared to step out of my life on a moment's notice and am committed to staying with you throughout the entire process of birthing your baby.

I will come to your home during labor, or meet you at the hospital whenever you are ready and whichever is most appropriate for your labor.

I am on call for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.

Payment Options

I accept payment by check or major credit card.

Paypal to zoey@alamendadoula,com

Venmo to @Alameda_Doula


  • You are in your second or third trimester and want to make sure your baby has room to find the best position for birth.
  • You are past your due date and want to help your baby engage in the pelvis.
  • You are approaching an induction date and want to give your body every opportunity to go into labor naturally or, failing that, you want your baby in the best possible position for labor.

We will explore your baby’s position, and I will teach you moves and activities that will help you make room for your baby to be in the best position now and when you go into labor. The activities may also make you more comfortable during your pregnancy. We will practice everything in the worksop and you will be ready to continue to practice at home.

Sessions are 90 minutes to 2 hours long. If your baby doesn't turn and you have your doctor attempt a cephalic version (she manually turns the baby) I attend the version with you as your doula.

Cost sliding scale $100 - $250

Please email me for information or to schedule a Make Room for Baby session.